Chantal Schreiber

Chantal Schreiber

Author. Writes books for children, young adults and older adults. Is owned by a dog and a horse. Cosmopolitan, Traveller. Outdoor person. Enjoys learning languages. Moviejunkie. Bookjunkie.

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Cover Friends & Horses 2

Girls 11 and up: COMING SOON!

Perfect for you

Kim is thirteen, a pro at soccer, and madly in love with tall, green-eyed Danny who is three years older, a genius in Maths, and destined to be her maths tutor over the summer. And give Kim her first kiss. Or so she thinks. Her Mom, however, hires the sensible Mila to tutor Kim. Kim focusses on soccer and match-making for her big brother until one day, an opportunity presents itself …
First love, friendship and being a teenager. A fast paced, funny coming-of-age-story with relatable and lovable characters. 11 years and up.

Published June 5th 2019 by Egmont Schneider Buch

Girls 10 and up: NEW!

Eldur – Heart of Fire, Land of Ice

Eva didn’t exactly choose to spend six weeks in Iceland at her Dad’s. In late fall, no less, when it’s cold and dark. Not to mention having to deal with Dad’s new wife who she hates for taking him away. It would be unbearable if not for the Icelandic horses owned by their neighbor.

Published October 2018 by cbj

Cover Friends & Horses 2

Cover Friends & Horses 2

Girls 12 and up: Follow-up!

Rideaway Bride

The long awaited follow-up to Hoofbeats and Heartbeats and To cloud 9 in mid-galopp!

No, of course Maxi’s not nervous about meeting Vic, her best friend Carolin’s brother. Not a bit nervous. After all, she has der perfect boyfriend, the perfect job and more than enough other things to worry about – such as the preparations for Carolin’s wedding,

Published Spring 2018 by BoD

Girls 12 and up!

Friends & Horses 4 – In the Summer Rain

Volume 4 of the much-loved series, following Friends & Horses – A Summer in the making, Friends & Horses – A Summer to remember and Friends & Horses 3 – Ambling Rose!

Summer is coming to an end in Cricket Valley and the last days of school holidays are packed with tension for Rosa. On top of having to make a crucial decision regarding Finn, the first boy she ever kissed, she finds out that the hotel her Mom works at is to be sold, and with it, her beloved horses, Sokrates and Fanny. When her family’s house is in danger of being flooded by the river, Rosa not only learns the value of true friendship, but also how far she is willing to go to save what is dearest to her heart.

Available in German
Soft cover, 248 pages
BoD (January 30th 2019)

Cover Friends & Horses 2

A novel for young readers from 10 and up! NEW!

Jukka running – Fast Friends

It’s not easy to be the new guy. Lucky for Jukka that he and Leo, the coolest girl in his class, hit it off from the start. Plus he finds out he is the fastest runner on the track! His friendship with Leo and his talent for running are making his new life a lot better – but also a lot more complicated. When something unexpected happens, Jukka must run like never before – against time, and for Leo!

Available in German
Obelisk Publishing House (20.July 2016)

Romance lovers from 16 to 106!

Gingerbread Girls – The Power of the Sweet

Cleo is Gingerbread Girl, a patisserie Chef who creates beautiful, sweet works of art for every occasion. Two blocks up her street, callgirl Louie is working under the same nom the plume. A less than fortunate coincidence, resulting in a string of consequences of the romantic, the hilarious, as well as the criminal kind!

Amazon Publishing/Montlake Romance (12. July 2016)

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